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Saturday, July 29, 2023

The Maybelogues 2023 roundtable discussion

I am home sick with a cold, and like the people who watch TV when they are sick, I have been watching the 2023 Maybelogues video posted by Bobby Campbell at, and also available above. It's two hours and thirty minutes long, It begins with Bobby as host and guests Eric Wagner, Toby Philpott, Brenton Clutterbuck, Oz Fritz and Eva David, and then later on, Richard Waterloo and Prop Anon join in. Some of the topics include Gilles Deleuze, UFOs, AI, crop circles, a book called The Stargate Conspiracy, how RAW can help us stay sane in a time of uncertainty, biographies of Timothy Leary, how "marijuana consciousness" has influenced he world, how Bobby realized that his job as a art teacher was a way to do good for the world, 

For more Maybe Day 2023 offerings, see Bobby's website. 

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Bobby Campbell said...

Thanks for watching, Tom!

Hope you feel better :)))