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Friday, July 21, 2023

Famed hacker Kevin Mitnick has died


Kevin Mitnick. (Creative Commons photo, source)

As there is considerable interest in Robert Anton Wilson among computer hackers/computer geeks, I thought I should record here that the famous computer hacker Kevin Mitnick has died. The New York Times obituary seems fair; while not minimizing any of the things he did, it also notes that "no evidence emerged that Mr. Mitnick used the files he had stolen for financial gain."

The obituary, written by Alex Traub, is quite  interesting and I urge you to read it. Here is one paragraph: "Mr. Mitnick’s most spectacular crimes were his attempts to evade capture by the authorities. In 1993, he gained control of phone systems in California that enabled him to wiretap the F.B.I. agents pursuing him and confuse their efforts to track him. At one point they raided what they thought was Mr. Mitnick’s home, only to find there a Middle Eastern immigrant watching TV."

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