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Monday, July 3, 2023

Alternatives to Twitter (and Facebook) for the RAW community


[Yesterday, I wrote about uncertainty in the RAW community over the future of Twitter. There are of course numerous Facebook groups devoted to Robert Anton Wilson, but Bobby Campbell also posted about other alternatives to Twitter as a comment to yesterday's post, and I'm reposting his comment as a guest post, to try to make sure everyone sees it. -- The Management.]

By Bobby Campbell
Special guest blogger

Tweetdeck, the app I use to manage the @RAWilson23 account, has been broken all day. So it goes!

The Maybe Logic Subreddit is showing some small signs of life, though is currently just aggregating this blog.

The Only Maybe Arts Lab Discord is similarly starting to gain members, even if things remain a bit slow, there's potential for some action.

Invite link:

I just discovered that Tumblr has had a bit of a bounce back since its death spiral some years ago. It was actually pretty decent for finding new/rare RAW novelties. So I'll fire this one up again:

No such thing as a failed experiment :)))


michael said...

You have to get on a waiting list to sign up for Jack Dorsey's Bluesky.

Or so I have read.

Anonymous said...

What about Lemmy or Mastodon?

Bobby Campbell said...

Thanks for sharing!

The discord community almost doubled in size as of this posting :)))

That's that RAW Illumination bump!