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Sunday, July 23, 2023

Happy Maybe Day!

Bobby Campbell's illustration for Maybe Day. 

Today is Maybe Day, the annual holiday for fans of Robert Anton Wilson. It is moreover, as many have pointed out, the 50th anniversary of July 23, 1973, when RAW thought that, just maybe, he had been contracted by beings from Sirius, an incident that is part of the narrative of Cosmic Trigger. 

I am using today to announce that I am working on an ebook collecting short nonfiction pieces by Robert Shea, Wilson's Illuminatus! collaborator, and interviews of Shea. I have a working title, Every Day Is a GOOD Day, and I think I am pretty far along. I have about 50,000 words so far. I don't know when it will be finished, but I hope completion will be sooner, rather than later. While I have generally received good cooperation, I have not been able to get in touch with the folks at Playboy to get permission to reprint Shea pieces that have appeared there. If anyone has any suggestions, please advise. 

I am currently attending ConFluence, a science fiction connvention in Pittsburgh which stars Ada Palmer, one of my favorite writers, as the guest of honor. Gregory Arnott and his wife, Adie, also are here. 

As I am still busy with the convention, I won't  have much time for awhile to look for Maybe Day celebrations on the Internet. But I have a few suggestions. Be sure to go to the Maybe Day website of Bobby Campbell, who has organized Maybe Day activities for four years now.  I am expecting new material at the RAW Semantics website.  If you are doing something today that Bobby has not publicized, please mention it in the comments. I am not intentionally ignoring anyone, and will do my best to get caught up, today and tomorrow. 

Update: The new Robert Anton Wilson book about Aleister Crowley, Lion of Light, has been released. A new Hilaritas Press podcast has been released featuring Ivan Stang (of Church of the Subgenius fame). Details here. 

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