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Wednesday, July 12, 2023

James Shelby Downard gets his due

Adam Gorightly's latest book shows his skills as a publisher and editor, rather than a writer; Stalking the Great Whore: The Lost Writings of James Shelby Downard is a collection of writing by the late American conspiracy theorist. 

Here is a review by Robert Guffey. Excerpt: "Highly Recommended: James Shelby Downard's recently published book, STALKING THE GREAT WHORE, is a compelling read. Editor/publisher Adam Gorightly went to a great deal of trouble to preserve this neglected manuscript, most of which was no doubt written in the 1970s. If not for Gorightly's herculean efforts, these posthumously discovered writings would have remained lost forever. Whether seen as fictional or nonfictional, sane or insane, the fact is that Downard's reality tunnel had an incalculable effect on pop culture."

You can also read a long piece by Michael  Hoffman. 

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