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Saturday, July 22, 2023

The artist known as Cosmic Trigger


I confess to not knowing until a few days ago that there is a musician named Jamie Grashion who records under the artist name Cosmic Trigger. You can visit his Soundcloud page, the artist bio reads, "Cosmic Trigger is a young innovative producer with a penchant for psychedelic sound design with oodles of studio experience with the likes of Shpongle, Hollie Cook, The Orb, Jesus & The Mary Chain and many more."

See also this useful interview from earlier this year, where he is asked about the name: "The name Cosmic Trigger came from a Robert Anton Wilson book of the same name, one of the things he is best known for is his involvement in the Discordian movement. Discordianism can either be described as a joke pretending to be a religion or a religion pretending to be a joke, I enjoy embracing the ambiguity of life which perhaps makes its way into my music."

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