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Saturday, July 15, 2023

The 'Illuminatus!' candidate

Robert Kennedy Jr (Creative Commons photo by Gage Skidmore).

 RFK Jr. says COVID was ‘ethnically targeted’ to spare Jews. 

On Twitter, Richard Hanania sarcastically comments, "RFK suspects covid was created to spare Ashkenazi Jews and the Chinese. Presumably it still kills Mizrahi Jews. 

"Maybe those who engineered the virus wanted to improve our test scores? 

"Finally, a politician asking the tough questions."

Reason magazine did an interesting interview. 


Anonymous said...

This guy is a crank. Nothing like his dad or his uncle. Plus if the far right loves him there is definitely something off

Oz Fritz said...

The Reason interview was very interesting, great interviewers.

Chad N. said...

Are there any other peace candidates in the race besides him and Cornel West? His positions on Israel and Iran are as bad as the rest of the Uuniparty Warhawks', but he's otherwise exceptional. He has been a breath of fresh air on covid as well.

I love how uptight everyone is about some of the things he says, which I might add are never as crazy or cranky as advertised. Americans by and large have become so fearful of unorthodox ideas. I feel bad for them. It's no way to live.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

@Chad I would like to think the Libertarian candidate will be a peace candidate; I have not looked at the foreign policy positions of the declared candidates.

I am fine with unorthodox ideas, but "look what those Jews are doing" is pretty startling.

Chad N. said...

That's not what I took away from his comments at all. I don't think it's an obvious implication either. And I'd love to jump all over him if he did imply it -- it's a favorite past time of mine beating up on politicos. It would also not square with his otherwise sycophantic position on Israel (which I am very happy to bash him for).

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

@Chad, there's a danger of quoting people out of context, and I am also suspicious of media pile ons, but I still don't see a positive spin for offering a theory that the COVID-19 virus targeted whites and blacks but spared Chinese and Jews.

Here is a substantial clip, people can make up their own minds:

Oz Fritz said...

RFK Jr. speaks very well, maybe too well because the bs can slip by the detector. Lawyers (liars) and activists like him get trained well for that. His position on the Ukraine war and U.S. wars and foreign policy in general sounds spot on and very refreshing compared to the dangerously pro-war Biden administration and their phony Xtian values.

Otherwise, lots to be skeptical about. The Illumiatus! candidate seems an accurate characterization because you never about the truth of what he says. For instance, saying he worked for months on a vax "documentary with Jake Tapper that got killed by corporate at the last minute." Tapper published a piece refuting that as a complete misrepresentation saying in actuality it was a 5 minute piece for an evening news broadcast they decided not to run; the decision had nothing to do with corporate and they did not work for months on it. Or his contention that JFK planned to pull out of Vietnam and the implication that this led to his assassination. Others, like Noam Chomsky dispute this contending that JFK escalated the Vietnam war. I personally don't know which has the greater probability of factual truth.

Though I haven't read RFK's new book, from what he says, his problems with Faucci and Gates, implying they act like evil masterminds (according to Michael Smerconish), seem personal and obsessive.

I'd love to graft his policy on war and US imperialism on to someone else. Donald Trump sounds more anti-war than Biden; too bad he feels so toxic and destructive in every other way. I consider Biden a disgrace for serving as a puppet for the military industrial complex and disregarding any attempts at negotiating peace. Both Chomsky and RFK contend the US directly blocked a peace settlement in April 2022 saying Boris Johnson went to Ukraine to tell Zelensky not to go for it. If true – I personally don't know – this horrifies me.