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Sunday, July 10, 2022

Ted Hand comes to town

For anyone who reads this blog, one of the possible stops for a visit to Cleveland would be the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick, now at a new location with expanded space since I visited it several years ago. (Note that advanced tickets must be bought online.) 

RAW fan, Dick scholar, gamester, Tarot reader and esoterica expert Ted Hand returned to Cleveland during the weekend and recorded the above interview with Steve Intermill, See also the photos Ted posted. 

Ted also took time to meet me for lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I was in the mood to cover some topics and Ted always has lots of ideas, so we talked about why NFL football is bad, RAW's fiction vs. nonfiction, RAW's writings about feminism, Seattle (where Ted now lives), the teaching profession (Ted's a teacher), social media, whether Ted will join the New Trajectories webring, marijuana legalization, what I'm trying to do with my music blog on Russian avant-garde classical music and very likely many other things.

Ted Hand and your humble blogger, in Strongsville, Ohio, July 9, 2022, near my favorite restaurant, Szechuan Gourmet. 

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