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Friday, July 15, 2022

Please,, no piracy

The Hilaritas Press version of Cosmic Trigger

The website is quite useful; it makes various academic papers available to laymen like me. I've read papers on Discordianism and related topics from the site, and also pieces related to my interest in avant-garde Russian classical music. 

But the site also has been disseminating a pirated copy of Cosmic Trigger Vol. 1 by Robert Anton Wilson, and the site makes it difficult to contact the folks who run it and to complain. (I get emails from the site, which keeps offering me ebook copies of Cosmic Trigger.) So I'm going to complain publicly: Please,, do not circulate pirated copies of books under copyright. I've also notified Rasa. 

1 comment:

Van Scott said...

I’ve unsubscribed from that site multiple times yet they keep bombarding me with emails that I don’t want. I applaud what they’re trying to do, but their quality control is atrocious. They need to hire an administrator who knows what he’s doing.