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Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Prop Anon interviews Noah23

 Noah23 (Twitter photo)

Prop Anon interviews the Canadian rapper Noah 23 for Prop's Chapel Perilous website. (The interview is listed as Part One, so there is more to come.) 

There's a bit where Noah23 explains how he got interested in Robert Anton Wilson: "Robert Anton Wilson entered my world in 1998. Inspired by the 90s Hip Hop conspiracy vibes of the times I was always on the lookout for a cool book. Someone had lent me a copy of the Illuminatus! Trilogy and I went to work devouring the thing. Early on in the first chapter it goes into detail about William Burroughs and the 23 Enigma. Being a fan of the beatniks and Burroughs’ cut up technique this aroused my curiosity. This is where I get my MC name from. Ya see, I just so happened to be wearing a green shirt with a big yellow 23 on it that I had thrifted a few days prior, but not only that! When I checked out the publishing date on the book. It was 23 years back from the time I was reading the thing! (1975)"

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