Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Wednesday links

Erik Davis 

 Paul McCartney on Fresh Air (should also be on your podcasting app.)

Prop Anon battles censorship. 

A John Higgs 'audio postcard'

Coming soon: Alan Watts show and audiobooks. 

Erik Davis on his upcoming LSD blotter book and the Beatles. 


Chad said...

Excited about Erik's book! I was just perusing McCloud's website and looking at some of the blotter prints he has for sale. I noticed the "Gorby" design, which I recall RAW mentioning having taken. Would be interesting to go back and see if he mentioned any others.

Then there is this on Ebay. Wish I knew the story:

Oz Fritz said...

Prop's song sounds great! No hate speech; intelligent, thought provoking speech. My friend Paula bought it from bandcamp to play on her radio show tomorrow: StereoCosmic Jellyfish on KVMRx, Nevada City.