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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Podcast news

Mike Gathers

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. Here is some podcasting news:

On Dec. 23, the fourth Hilaritas Press podcast, about Timothy Leary, was released. It features Leary biographer John Higgs with podcast host Mike Gathers. It's available at the link, and also on Podbean, Google, Spotify and TuneIn. Haven't heard it yet, but the advance word is good; I'll listen to it soon. 

In addition, Episode 33 of the f23 podcast is available, featuring Mike Gathers as the guest this time. The blurb for the show says, in part, "We talk about how he discovered the psychedelic and counter culture movement at his first Grateful Dead concert and his path to the great writer and modern day mystic Robert Anton Wilson. We talk about our favourite teachings in his work including multi-model agnosticism, the 8 circuit model and how his work is important today."

And on Twitter, Mike writes, "I really enjoyed this conversation with @jimthediamond where we discuss all sorts of @RobertAntonWilson related things.   I’m starting to get the hang of playing podcast guest.

1 comment:

phodecidus said...

It was a pleasure to listen to John and Mike bask in pleasant reminisces of RAW on the Hilaritas Podcast. Warmed my tummy.