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Sunday, June 13, 2021

New 'Ishtar Rising' reading group launches Thursday [UPDATED]

[Apuleius Charlton, my Prometheus Rising blogger (along with Eric Wagner and myself) is launching a new online discussion group for Ishtar Rising, which in February 2020 was reissued in a new edition by Hilaritas Press. Please consider taking advantage of this opportuning. Here is the introductory blurb for the new discussion group -- The Management.]

Do You Love Tits!?

By Apuleius Charlton

If you answered "Yes!" to the above, I have a book for you! Inside you'll find profound meditations on the primeval allure of that most precious of glands (memorialized by Lennon himself) feverish, titillating and fanciful imaginings of how life could be, tricks to improve bedroom performance and restore vitality, the key to finding that which is found at the center of the earth, how to ferment the hard-pressed wine of the soul and, best of all- naked ladies. 

Wilson's Book of the Breast was and is a fusillade against the tired bigotries of twentieth century Western society that transcended Playboy's original writ and managed to be a hornier version of Grave's great fiction,  The White Goddess at the same time. Wisdom flows like mother's milk in this early but advanced work of RAW's oeuvre- perhaps we can steal a few sips. Some magicians go no further than Understanding, for they desired no more. 

C'mon let's Hot Girl again, like we did last summer.

The first post at this blog will concern the Morrison introduction to the 2020 Hilaritas edition- coming this Thursday.

UPDATE: Apparently I was unclear about where the reading group will be. It will be at Apuleius' blog,

1 comment:

BFHN said...

Ah that is great news!
I was just saying recently that his last PR-related post made me want to read Ishtar Rising, and I actually picked it up and went through the first two introductions so far.
I think Oz Fritz said he was reading it as well, but perhaps he is done already.

And great choice of music with the Sun City Girls in the link.