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Friday, July 17, 2020

Maybe Day is coming soon!

This is your friendly reminder that Maybe Day, July 23, will be celebrated next week with a variety of offerings coordinated by Bobby Campbell, including a journal, video presentations, a panel discussion on July 25, and more. I know the journal, New Trajectories, already has a bunch of articles.

There will be an online panel discussion at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on July 25, but everything else arrives on July 23, as Bobby explained in a new update he sent me: "With the exception of the Maybelogues panel discussion everything drops on 7/23. The website will have a download link for New Trajectories and all the Presentation videos will be embedded there. I’ll be promoting stuff throughout the weekend and facilitating conversations in the OM Arts Lab, but there’s no set schedule. There is a LOT of content! It’ll take some time for folks to digest. I just counted and we currently have 23 contributors to Maybe Day 2020 :)))"

Bobby's last official update was here if you want more details. 

All of this will be seen, but in the meantime, go to and join the conversation!

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