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Friday, July 24, 2020

Getting to know Bobby Campbell

Bobby Campbell in the video explaining Maybe Day. 

Artist and writer Bobby Campbell dropped a lot of material Thursday from himself and his many collaborators for Maybe Day, and it's going to take me awhile to absorb all of it, but I thought for a few days I could call attention to some of the contributors and contributions and perhaps offer a bit of annotation.

The obvious way to start is with Bobby himself. The whole website is a creation from Bobby, but he also has an article in the New Trajectories zine and a video explaining Maybe Day. 

Please also see Bobby's Weirdoverse website, his Twitter and his Instagram.  Bobby is also the maintainer of the Robert Anton Wilson Twitter account. You can also support his Patreon account. 

I met Bobby (and Gregory Arnott) in person when I got together with them for RAW activities at the ConFluence SF convention in Pittsburgh in 2018. I was attempting to repeat that effort with the North American Science Fiction Convention in Columbus, Ohio, this year, but the convention was canceled. Bobby then declared he would organize the Maybe Day effort. Kudos to Bobby for all his work -- building the website, putting together the "New Trajectories" zine, making videos, doing all sorts of artwork and on and on. Hard to believe he has a day job, but he does.


Bobby Campbell said...

Thanks for the support, Tom!

Rarebit Fiend said...

I think one of the biggest achievements of NT is Bobby's astounding artwork and production. I loved the Kirby-Orion figure on the cover.