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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Illuminati Papers has more than one edition

The gentleman who writes the RAW Semantics blog notices something interesting about The Illuminati Papers. 

"I have the 1981 second printing (And/Or Press), and I had no idea – until recently – that a later edition (Ronin, 1997) had a brand new introduction added by RAW."

I had no idea, either. My edition was published in Great Britain by Sphere Books (I certainly didn't buy it over there), but it's apparently based on the And/Or Press edition. So I haven't read the introduction, either, although The Illuminati Papers is a favorite of mine. 

RAW Semantics offers a quote from that introduction:

"This book dates from a barbaric, almost pre-historic age—over twenty years ago. You will realize how far back in the abyss of time that near-Feudal epoch looks in retrospect when I tell you that I wrote the entire manuscript on a typewriter. Of course, we had electric lights instead of candles, and the 'horseless carriage' had come into general use, but otherwise the so-called advanced nations remained in a primitive industrial economy and few could foresee the Information Age dawning."

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