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Friday, July 3, 2020

Eric's new 'Insider's Guide' released

The new edition of Eric Wagner's An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson has been released in paperback and is now available at Amazon. A Kindle of the revised edition is not yet available.

This is an edition that is considerably updated and revised with new material from the original edition. I'll be able to compare the new edition with the older one when I get my hands on the new version (which should be soon.)

Important note: If you plan to purchase the book, note there is a danger a search on Amazon may turn up the old edition. Be sure you get the new one; you can click on this link for it. 

Second important note: As I note above, a Kindle of the new edition isn't out yet. I'll note its availability when everyone can get it.

An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson is invaluable for all hardcore RAW fans; I have read and re-read it and referred to it over and over again. I am confident the new one will be even better.


Eric Wagner said...

Thank you, sir. Plus, the new edition has some great internal illustrations by Bobby Campbell.

quackenbush said...

Can you say a litte about what's been updated?

Eric Wagner said...

I made a lot of corrections. I had written an afterward ten years ago for the second edition that did not get included at the time, but it has now. It also includes a number of short pieces I have written over the past sixteen years. I really like. The new edition.

Oz Fritz said...

I'm looking forward to reading v2. Will order it soon.