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Sunday, July 26, 2020

Maybelogues panel discussion now available

On Saturday, the Maybe Day celebration continued with a "Maybelogues" panel discussion led by Bobby Campbell, held live and then posted to YouTube.  Featuring Bobby Campbell, Mike Gathers, Steve "Fly" Pratt, Brenton Clutterbuck, Mike Gathers, Peter Quadrino, Oz Fritz, Ted Hand, Rich, Eva David and Eric Wagner. One hour, 53 minutes. I was unable to take part, I had to work. It turns out Bobby is an excellent moderator.

Topics include, "Has Operation  Mindfuck gone too far?" what RAW saw as a legacy for his work, integrating magick into the "normal world," and what projects are each panelist working on. I do have to call out the panelists on one point: Bobby asked everyone for an update on their projects, but no one on the panel asked for an update from Bobby. Bobby, please share?

A couple of anecdotes: Bobby shared that RAW was a fan of the movie "The Chase" with Charlie Sheen, and Ted Hand said RAW watched the TV show "House" and was sad he had to die without knowing what the final outcome of the series would be.


Bobby Campbell said...

Thanks again and again, Tom!

Next up for me are some terrible twos:




BUDDHAFART - BOOK TWO: "Silent But Deadly"

Steve Fly Agaric said...

Thanks Bobby, indeed an excellent host. Listening back to myself, um, err, I feel I should offer up, err, further explanations to what the hell I was ramblin' on about. Most important message...READ HIM. Peace, fly.