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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Brenton Clutterbuck news update

Brenton Clutterbuck, the author of Chasing Eris, a survey of the Discordian scene around the world, has a new book out, Si Nos Organizamos. 

Brenton says,

"It's been a long time coming, but Si Nos Organizamos, a snapshot of the Argentine Musical 'Under', is finally here.

"There’s no clear path to success for the underground musicians of Buenos Aires, but that hasn’t stopped it from birthing one of the most exciting and innovative creative scenes around.

"Si Nos Organizamos is a snapshot of where the Buenos Aires ‘Under’ stood in 2016. Shaped by disaster, economic pressure and political dysfunction, the scene is characterised by its headstrong determination, creative ingenuity and willingness to organise to build the grassroots creative infrastructure that defines the scene."

Details on getting the book. 

More news:

• Brenton will be involved with Maybe Day.

• Brenton has compiled a list of all of the books mentioned in Chasing Eris.

• You can support him on Patreon and keep up with his various projects.

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