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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Read my authentic blog

My current favorite restaurant in Cleveland

Supergee has a blog post linking to an article in Mother Jones which asserts that calling "ethnic" restaurants "authentic" is racist and is linked to discriminatory behavior (i.e., French restaurants can charge high prices, but Chinese restaurants are supposed to be cheap.)

It's an interesting piece, and it makes me wonder what terms I should use to describe restaurants. My favorite Chinese restaurants are the ones in which the customers are mostly Asian, rather than mostly white. Should I just describe my favorite places that way?


chas said...

Ignore the language police, please. Some ethnic restaurants are authentic and some are totally Americanized. Authentic Is a good descriptive word.

Eric Wagner said...

Tim Leary included a piece called "Reproduced Authentic: The Wizardry of David Byrne" in Chaos and Cyber Culture.

Bob Wilson recommended avoid the word "is".

Oz Fritz said...

This photo really reminds me of Cleveland the last time I was there.