Friday, June 21, 2019

Another RAW fan

Tim Heidecker (photo from official website.)

From Twitter, hat tip Gregory Arnott. Tim Heidecker is a comedian and actor with about half a million followers on Twitter. Official website. 


Banake said...

I don't really think I care, I like somethings this guy made, but to me he is just another television entertainer whose ideas bows down to 'Republicans bad, Democrats [or more radical left wings] good." I guess, in the end of the day, the world of celebrities is as boring and stupid as the world of politics, but more pointless.

Rob Pugh said...

Always cool to find a fan of RAW, don't get the JR dig though. I, too, found RAW in my twenties... but I also dig a lot of Rogan's stuff as well. Seems like a silly compare/contrast.