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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Adam Gorightly news roundup

Adam Gorightly (photo from Historia Discordia website). 

California film actor and author Adam Gorightly is busy invading your reality in all sorts of popular communication mediums! A news roundup:

An article about his movie, The Hill and the Hole, based on a Fritz Leiber story! You can watch the official film trailer if you follow the link. The official website says only "coming in 2018."

"Sounds like they are making good progress on the film. They need to do a little filming in a couple months, to fix a couple of scenes. I think I might be involved in that. The rest now is post-production. They are still saying 2018 for release, so I'll keep you posted," Adam reports.

The film producers also plan to film a trailer for Adam's new UFO book. Check out a blog post by his coauthor, which links to a podcast. 

A recent posting on Adam's "Historia Discordia" blog about Eris Chardonnay.

Still no publication date announced for Starseed Signals, the "lost" Robert Anton Wilson book, but I will pass along any news when it becomes available.

Adam's official site. What a weirdo! Right up your alley if you read this blog.

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