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Friday, February 16, 2018

Online discussion group news

As the online discussion of Vladimir Nabokov's Pale Fire continues, I have dates to announce for the planned online discussion of Joseph Kerman's book, The Beethoven Quartets.

The Kerman discussion will be led by Jeopardy champ Eric Wagner (author of An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton Wilson) and will focus not just on Beethoven and Kerman's book but on Robert Anton Wilson's interest in Beethoven and how Beethoven's music connects to Wilson's work.

"I plan to write weekly pieces on the Kerman Beethoven book starting August 6, with the official group beginning August 13 and running eighteen weeks until December 10," Eric says.

About the Kerman book, Eric says, " I gave copies of this book to both Robert Anton Wilson and Rafi Zabor. I took a copy of it with me when I appeared on Jeopardy."

Wait, what? I asked Eric the obvious follow-up question.

" I won $10,001 and the home version of the game when I appeared Jeopardy November 30 and December 1, 1999, and I got to talk with Alec Trebek about E-Prime and Aleister Crowley on national television. My Double Jeopardy categories included "Shakespeare" and "Movie Quotes". When my wife in the audience saw the categories, she turned to her son and said, "We're going to Paris."

Eric trampling his opponents. And he didn't even get any Beethoven questions!


Eric Wagner said...

Looks like I misremembered how much I won. In any event, I can't wait for the Kerman group to start. The book does have some technical musical discussion, but it also has a lot of fascinating non-technical stuff, so I suspect even people who don't read music will enjoy it.

michael said...

I watched that episode of Jeopardy! Didn't you get a Pound of Crowley Q (really: A) Eric?

Eric Wagner said...

After the first commercial break Alec chats with each contestant. On the first show we chatted about E-Prime. On the second show we talked about alternative calendars, including the Thelemic.