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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Crowdfunding effort launches for Terence McKenna archives

An effort has been launched at GoFundMe to benefit the Terence McKenna archives. There are several different projects that will benefit from the money, and the catalog of goodies you get if you decide to chip in is huge, so I won't try to summarize it here. Go look at the website.

One of the reward items, at $100, is "Robert Venosa's Illuminatus with text by Terence McKenna. Large, hardcover fine art book. "A fantastic journey into the canyons of the imagination." -T. McKenna"

On Twitter, @advantardeodus remarked to me (privage message), "The Venosa art book 'Illuminatus' could be the link to the H R Giger art piece called Illuminatus as he is mentioned in relation to the book on Amazon."

A $2,012 donation results in a bunch of goodies, but you also get to make "focused research requests" to the archivist. Are there any RAW fans out there with money? @advantardeodus also points out, "The $2,012 donation level could perhaps lead someone to ask for a deep look into any RAW connections."

It always stings a little when I hear about the McKenna or Leary archives. There's no comparable Robert Anton Wilson or Robert Shea archive, alas.


michael said...

I've corresponded a bit with the guy who runs the McKenna archives. He was interested in any book that mentioned Terence, so I gave him a long list and I recall maybe two citations of which he was unaware. Dude is dedicated.

TerenceMcKennaArchives said...

Hey all, Terence McKenna's archivist, here. I'm honored to have our crowdfund featured on your blog. I thought I would share with you what a modest dive into sombunall of the connections between RAW and Terence turned up. There's certainly more to explore:

I should mention our current challenge to potential donors, which is to raise our first $3000 by March 4th in order to secure some rare and expensive items for the collection. As goad to donate sooner than later, I am offering to upload a rare radio debate between Terence and a member of the Young Republicans. It's quite a lively debate! As soon as we hit the $3000 mark, I will make it available to all. Thanks for your support. With warm feelings (I think because of all the flying lasagna), Kevin Whitesides