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Friday, February 9, 2018

Butterfly Language's new direction

Photo by Ahmed Saffu on Unsplash

The RAW fan who writes Butterfly Language, Val, has taken her blog in a new direction, emphasizing "life coaching" posts that are positive and attempt to empower and encourage the reader. The number of categories for posts have been reduced to just three -- "Life Coaching," "Metaphysics" and "Spirituality." There's no "About" section, although there is a "Contact."

I like the new direction. I enjoy getting away from the relentless bad news, and reading something that he helpful rather than a bringdown.

Here's a bit that I liked, from "Being Out of Step With the Times":

Take the Super Bowl. I can safely say that I feel…absolutely nothing about the Super Bowl. To be sure, there are aspects surrounding the pageantry and media tie-ins to it—the details of the Half Time show, the movie trailers—that are interesting to me in a cultural anthropology sort of way (as I believe that everything in the world is a “mirror” of everything else that’s going on).

But in general, I find a lot of these events and “cultural institutions” to be like remnants of a world that is quickly passing away. And that’s not a popular opinion to have. People don’t want to hear that. Many people want to hear that their cultural institutions, and the world that they are familiar with, are going to last forever. They don’t care if it’s not true.

But what is truth? I have my reality tunnel, others have theirs. In some real sense, it’s like we are living in different worlds; worlds that overlap here and there, but then settle back into their respective universes.

Speaking for myself, I deliberately skipped the Super Bowl, for the first time in many years. Here is why. 

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