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Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday links

From Matthew Watkins: "A spate of fnords around c.2014 is documented in my new experimental-cosmic-local history "

Rand Paul tries to force a vote on endless war. 

How they voted on above link.  

SF author Jerry Pournelle has died.

Free NASA ebook on Saturn as seen by Cassini, great images. (Via Daily Grail on Twitter.)

Big political shakeup in Britain.

Was Nietzsche a dope fiend? 

How a small occult publisher changed America. 


Eric Wagner said...

Jerry Pournelle had a huge impact on me. Thanks for sharing this sad news.

michael said...

What a drag that Paul Deussen's _Conversations With Nietzsche_ still isn't translated into English...that I know of. There's another book in English with the same title that I haven't accessed, and don't know if Deussen's conversations are included or not, or to what degree. Does anyone here know?