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Thursday, September 14, 2017

A new one from Steve Jackson Games

Steve Jackson Games has a Kickstarter for a new game, Conspiracy Theory. The pitch:

"This fast-playing black card/white card game will reward your ability to sell your deranged ideas to the other players.

"In Conspiracy Theory, you explore who’s really doing what, to whom, and why . . . and how they are keeping it secret. And you have to convince the other players that your theory is best.

"This is a stand-alone game by Illuminati designer Steve Jackson, for 3 or more players, and it takes an hour or more to play."

The Illuminati game was inspired by Illuminatus! as Jackson acknowledged.

Lewis Shiner asked about the game when he interviewed RAW.

SHINER: Do you know about Steve Jackson's Illuminati game?

RAW: Everybody I meet thinks it's based on my Illuminatus! novels and I'm getting royalties on it. He claims it's not based on the novels, so I'm not getting royalties on it. Different lawyers give me different opinions. Decide for yourself.

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