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Friday, June 16, 2017

Science fiction book news

1. The folks who give out the Prometheus Award (full disclosure: I am one of them) have created a new blog and are posting book reviews of the five finalists on the Prometheus Award ballot (more disclosure: While the blog is a group effort, I am chairman of the blog committee, i.e. more or less the editor). So far, we've posted reviews of books by Ken MacLeod, Johanna Sinisalo and Lionel Shriver. There's also an interesting essay by Eric Raymond. More reviews will be posted soon, and look for lots of science fiction related content for people who like to read.

2. Tor Books, arguably the top SF book publisher, is offering John Scalzi's Old Man's War through June 21 as a free ebook download. This is apparently monthly program when you sign up for the email list. Phoenix Pick also offers a monthly pay-what-you-want ebook program. (Look at the top right of the home page.)

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