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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Age Bullshit Generator

Tom Baker at @2CosmicTrigger3 this week says, "I like to think RAW would have been ticked by this delightful new age bullshit generator."

I think that's likely, too. Here is the link. 

The Tweets from CosmicTriggerThePlay vary week by week, but today's tip comes from "actor, (ac/dis)cordianist, and bohemianaut Tom Baker - cabaret maven, amateur chaos magician and fool."  Not the same guy as the Dr. Who actor, is it?


Dirtydiscordia said...

As they say, there's a seeker born every minute.

(I stole that from the Church Of The Subgenius)

It's a nice site, but I don't really share the author's sentiments.

fyreflye said...

Thanks for this link. But don't forget The original Postmodernism Generator

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