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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cosmic Trigger online reading group update

I badly messed up the Cosmic Trigger archive at the top right of the page, and I've also had a couple of misleading headers on a couple of the entries — not deliberate, just operator head space error. But I think I've fixed everything now. We've had an introductory post, and we now have six entries for the text analysis so far, with a seventh scheduled Monday.

That may sound like we are deep in the text, but really, we haven't gotten that far. We are taking our time. I'm using the currently canonical text, an ebook put out by Hilaritas Press, but in my old Pocket mass market paperback, we're only on page 27. So we're not that far along. This is a seminal Robert Anton Wilson book, Charles Faris is doing a great job, and  the commenters are on top of their game. Don't miss out —get a copy, read the entries so far,  and join us!

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