Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jeff Rosenbaum has died

Timothy Leary, Robert Shea, Patricia Monaghan, Jeff Rosenbaum, Gillie Smythe

Jeff Rosenbaum has died. An important figure in the pagan movement in the Cleveland Ohio area, where I live, he was closely associated with Robert Anton Wilson, Robert Shea, Tim Leary and other persons of interest. He was an organizer for the Starwood Festival and a founder of the Association for Consciousness Expansion.

Here is an obituary. It's written by Jason Pitzi-Waters. Excerpt: "In addition to his work with ACE and Starwood, he was Robert Anton Wilson’s lecture agent for six years during the 1980s, played guitar & percussion with Ian Corrigan and Victoria Ganger in the bands Chameleon and Starwood Sizzlers, and was published (and interviewed) in a number of Pagan-themed publications."

Here is another obituary. The photo, above, of Rosenbaum with Robert Shea and Patricia Monaghan is taken from it. The obituary is from Ian Corrigan. Excerpt: "With an agenda drawn largely from “Cosmic Trigger” we set about hosting events as simple as showing movies at a Case Western Reserve University venue and as major as bringing Dr. Leary to Cleveland for the first time as he returned to public speaking in the late 70s."

Thanks to Timothy Leary Futique on Twitter (e.g., R. U. Sirius) for spotting the sad news.


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