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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cosmic Trigger play news roundup

Tickets have gone on sale for Daisy Eris Campbell's Cosmic Trigger play.  The play will be staged in late November in both Liverpool and London; details and tickets here.

The play opening will be accompanied by two days of events, Nov. 22-23, in Liverpool -- including a Papal Ball and Find the Other Festival.

Daisy explains, "We have a bumper programme of talks, music, cinema, art, performance and ritual. There will be illuminating discussions on Magick, Conspiracy, Consciousness, Science and Art from Discordian luminaries including: Robert Temple (The Sirius Mystery), Adam Gorightly (Historica Discordia), Robin Ince (Infinite Monkey Cage).

"There will be Artwork from KLF’s Jimmy Cauty and Punk icon Jamie Reid; Music from TC Lethbridge and Youth (Killing Joke); Luxuriantly sculpted psychedelic landscapes; Pods, domes, and caravans with performances to wow & secrets to reveal; Stalls of arcane and wonderful paraphernalia; and so fnordy much more!"

The new Maybe Logic Academy class on Robert Anton Wilson, "Cosmic Trigger RE:PLAY," began Tuesday, but Bobby Campbell tells me that it's not too late to enroll in the pay-what-you-will class.  You will  need to register at the website; if you don't see the class in the forums section, you may have to ask one of the instructors to add you manually to the class.

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