Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What kind of man (or woman) reads RAW?

Years ago, when "Playboy" magazine was in its heyday, the magazine used to run a house ad with the headline "What kind of man reads Playboy?" that featured a photo of a well-dressed man. The text explained that surveys had shown "Playboy" readers made a good income, were sophisticated consumers, etc. I assume the ad was aimed at advertisers. "Mad" magazine  once ran a parody ad, showing a well-dressed man walking by a car; you could see that there was someone underneath the car, apparently repairing something. It eventually emerged from the text that the guy under the car was the "Mad" reader.

I thought of Robert Anton Wilson's old employer when Jesse Walker sent me a link that shows which Wikipedia articles have a link to the "Robert Anton Wilson" article on Wikipedia.  It is a vivid illustration of the wide range of interests that RAW had, and the wide range of interests that his readers have. The list certainly suggests that quite a few RAW readers are active in writing articles for Wikipedia.

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