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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sean Gabb: Book offering and self-publishing

Sean Gabb is offering "free" signed copies of his first novel, The Column of Phocas. You do have to pay the postage, which from the UK to the U.S. is not cheap, but still. This is the self-published version of the book, but please note it is the same book as Conspiracies of Rome by Richard Blake. (Perhaps wisely, when he got a commercial publisher for the work, his publisher did not think most people would know who Phocas was.) Anyway, it's a good beginning for his Richard Blake historical novels set in the Byzantine Empire.

Sean's blog post also gives good advice on how to become a successful self-published writer. See also John Higgs' blog post on self publishing. 

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Sean Gabb said...

Thanks for the mention. Will look up the Higgs piece. We can all learn from each other.