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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday links

Interview with Arlen Riley. (Via John Merritt)

(On whether she ever regrets marrying RAW: "I'm happy that I married him. I haven't regretted it, except for the briefest seconds, when he just can't lie. This man just doesn't lie, and flubs when he tries. He can't do it.

"If I ask him to say I'm not in when the phone rings, he can't do it convincingly. He hates to be put in a position where he's supposed to be dishonest. So I guess I've become more truthful since knowing him. I'm not saying he's a saint, or has never lied, but it's so rare. Usually, when he tries to do it, his eyes bug out, his face gets red, and he can not, absolutely can not, dissimulate with cool and calm.")

Does anyone know what happened to the novel she was working on?

Dylan Matthews argues on Vox for a guaranteed income.  Via John Merritt, again. Updated on July 23.

Switching to Duck Duck Go to avoid being tracked when you run Internet searches.

Ulysses to be adapted as a virtual reality video game. Via Scott in Wisconsin, who comments, "I read the book and enjoyed it but I think I am out of the demographic for a video game."

Margot Adler has died. She was an NPR journalist, but also wrote Drawing Down the Moon, a survey of paganism which included information about Discordianism.


fuzzbuddy said...

I enjoyed the interview with Arlen, thanks.

Oz Fritz said...

Yes, this is the most insight by far into Arlen Wilson that I've seen. Thank-you.