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Friday, July 25, 2014

The goddess of the month club

Robert Anton Wilson's former employer, "Playboy" magazine, rather famously features a centerfold model every month, a large photograph that readers can examine, presumably to decide whether she could have competed in the Judgment of Paris in days of yore. It seems to be an enduring idea; "Cat Fancy" magazine features a large cat photo in the center of the magazine every month,

Adam Gorightly has now embraced a variation that is safe for work, unless you worry about your co-workers deciding you are a weirdo. (I've decided to give up worrying about that, but your mileage may vary). Adam has launched the Eris of the Month Club, featuring a different rendition of the goddess of chaos and discord every month. It will be posted on the 23rd of each month, and Adam invites submissions to keep the feature going. "Please obtain permissions and provide credit to the artists featured in your submissions."

With Adam's permission, I have posted the first Eris artwork he featured, by Michelle Witchipoo. A charming photo of Ms. Witchipoo on her way to a Devo concert is here. 

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Oz Fritz said...

Excellent idea and a great start!