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Friday, November 15, 2013

Musical tributes to RAW

There are quite a few artists who have released songs that are explicitly endorsements of Robert Anton Wilson's philosophy or tributes to him. I thought I'd do a post that tries to collect some of this material. Most of it could be classified as electronic music. Let me know what I've missed. [Updated with George Dorn Screams and other stuff -- The Mgt.]

First up is a music video for "Azzazza" by the artist Zongamin. Although a video I earlier featured on this blog was posted to the Internet, the song was never released commercially. I like the song, and the video:

Zongamin - AZZAZZA from T.A.M. Corp. on Vimeo.

I'd better get to the hit soon: "Justified and Ancient (Stand by the JAMs)" by the KLF and Tammy Wynette. Just another rhythm and blues hit, from England, featuring the queen of country music, about the Illuminatus! trilogy.

Here's another interesting video/song, from Benny Zen:

Here is "R.A.W" by Cloud and Owl:

The EP this is from was released a few weeks ago. It's about 35 minutes of music, available cheap from CD Baby.

And here is "Colonisation of Space" by E-Rection:

The Golden Horde was an Irish punk rock band that collaborated with Robert Anton Wilson on an album (or at least an EP) "The Chocolate Biscuit Conspiracy." Here is the track "Black Flag," which feature's RAW's lyrics:

Here is some weird dub stuff, using RAW spoken word, from theestateovcreation, aka hagbard celine on Twitter. 

Speaking of hagbard, he pointed me to "We Discordians (Must Stick Apart)" by Two Lone Swordsmen:


George Dorn Screams is a rather good band from Poland. Can't find anything that links the band to RAW, but I have to think the name comes from Illuminatus!

Interesting artist suggested to me by pHLOgiestone on Twitter:

Rapper Noah23 cites Robert Anton Wilson as an influence. Here's his "I'm RAW (Based Freestyle)"

A video for an artist called Mr. S, performing "The Universe Right Here (Song for Robert Anton Wilson).

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus got its name from the list of bands toward the end of the Illuminatus! trilogy. I don't actually know how much interest they have in Robert Anton Wilson. The band's official websites links to (authorized) recordings of the band in concert at the Internet Archive.


fuzzbuddy said...

Nice selection!
I hadn't heard of most of those.

There's some ace tracks by DJ Fly Agaric 23 you have as a link on your blog, mixing some FW and Illuminatus! etc.

Ultra Violet Hippopotamus (you mentioned before):

I suspect Die Antwoord as being readers of Wilson. From what I perceive as their interest in NLP, psychedelics, metaprogramming and magick. etc. recent FB posts said things like "2+3=5" under a heading with 23 in. Also adapting Crowley's "Horus" pose.

George Dorn Screams:

The Black Dahlia Murders - (Statutory Ape):


23 Skidoo:

acwo said...

Mr. S - The Universe Right Here (Song for Robert Anton Wilson)

Drew said...

George Dorn screams sounds a bit like at the drive-in. I band I used to think were amazing, but they had a central role in creating emo "tropes" that got overused...anyway (this band actually seem to capture the better stuff), some good music here.

Cleveland Okie (Tom Jackson) said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll add to the post when I get time.

michelleolley said...

Liverpool band Apollo 440 have a RAW track - here x

Rob from Hedonix said...

Cool article! Which leads me to some shameless self promotion. My best friend and I have a group/project called Hedonix. We haven't produced anything new in a while, but what we've got might be of interest to RAW fans who also enjoy electronic (particulary psy trance) music. We dedicated our first album (Order out of Chaos) to RAW and named our second one Guerilla Ontology. Just check the tracklists and you'll be able to see which have samples of Saint Bob. You can find the music around the traps to buy but we're also on Spotify. I hope you enjoy! If you do, get in touch and let us know what you thought!