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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Documentary, "Zen: The Best of Alan Watts."  (Hat tip, Timothy Leary Futique).

New York art museums put more than 400 art catalogs online. 

Sounds like an Illuminatus! bit: Did Hitler escape to Argentina? (Via Daily Grail.)

Blog post on Prometheus Rising.

Ten steps you can take against Internet surveillance (from the Electronic Frontier Foundation).

Edward Snowden's letter of appeal to Washington. 

"Sex as an institution, sex as a general notion, sex as a problem, sex as a platitude—all this is something I find too tedious for words. Let us skip sex." Go on, admit you -- you want to read the Playboy interview with Vladimir Nabokov.  "Art at its greatest is fantastically deceitful and complex."

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Manic The Doodler said...

I've been binging on Alan Watts talks lately & haven't seen the above doc yet... Thanks for the link...