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Friday, November 1, 2013

PQ book review roundup

PQ  has a roundup of various books that I have read or wish that I had read, including books we've recently discussed here. I was particularly interested in his review of Neuropolitique by Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson, which I haven't gotten to yet. He writes, ". My favorite aspect of Leary's spiel tends to be his view of DNA and evolution and I love the way he ties space migration into this. He likens space migration to "the movement from marine to amphibian life or from reptile to mammalian." Why don't people say this kind of stuff anymore?"

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fyreflye said...

I can’t believe that not one single book by Buckminster Fuller is available on Kindle. No wonder we’re on a downhill slide. Not that the architects of the slide would have paid any attention to him anyway.