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Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday links

The Amoeba Design guy is in the U.S. right now. He visited Dealey Plaza this week and told CNBC in an interview that his name is "Hagbard Celine." For 5 Star TV, he was "Kerry Thornley."

10 Books That Wouldn't Exist Without Flann O'Brien. The Widow's Son by Robert Anton Wilson isn't included in the ten, but it is mentioned in a paragraph mentioning other books. Hat tips, Roman Tsivkin and Michael Johnson.

Austin is talking about limiting fast food restaurants (hat tip, John Merritt).

Supergee's Kennedy conspiracy theory.

17 ads you couldn't do now. (Hat tip Arthur Hlavaty/Supergee.)

F is for Fake is on YouTube, at least for now. 

Erik Davis: "This weekend: I'll give 2 talks, on Lovecraft and Robert Anton Wilson, at the American Academy of Religion in Baltimore. Eventually these will appear as texts. I'll let folks know."

Adam Gorightly on JFK assassination and Discordianism.

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gacord said...

I use a Gillette safety razor everyday!

Anyone else spot the young J.R. "Bob" Dobbs?