Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Spaghetti Theory of Conspiracy

Via the blog Groupname for Grapejuice, I ran across an essay by Robert Anton Wilson that I had not seen before, "The Spaghetti Theory of Conspiracy." It does not seem to be at, but was the introduction to a book. Tomorrow I'll post about the GfG blog, but today I just wanted to link to the essay, on the theory that many of you likely have not see it, either.

You'll see a lot in the essay that you've red elsewhere, but there are lovely bits new to me, including a longer anecdote than I've been elsewhere on the time he was working for Playboy and discovered that the police were spying on him, and these sentences:


In CIA jargon, a "useful idiot" means somebody who is working for them but doesn't know it.

My involvements with controversial politics have left me with one lasting legacy. Whenever I suspect that I am taking myself or my theories too seriously, I stop and ask myself, "Have I become a useful idiot yet?"