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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Music notes

1. In the course of working on yesterday's blog post (thanks for the suggestions of material to add -- I'll have more stuff up soon), I sat down and listened to Cloud and Owl's "R.A.W" EP again. It's quite good. It's still priced at about $9 on Amazon for U.S. customers, but it's less than $3 for 35 minutes of music (in a variety of download formats) here.

2. Thanks to Eric Wagner, we know that RAW once sat up all night listening to Beethoven's nine symphonies, one after the other.  

I recently discovered that Freegal, the music downloading service offered by libraries, has recordings of all nine symphonies by conductor George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra. You could do worse. If you have a library card, check also to see if your library has the new Hoopla music streaming service. (Hoopla also offers movies and audiobooks.)


fyreflye said...

Szell's Beethoven recordings are among the very best.

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