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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Oz Fritz posts liner notes for his album

I recently wrote about Oz Fritz's album, "All Around the World," which uses ambient sounds to create a magical sound atmosphere. I noted that it's just $8 as an Amazon download.

One bummer is that the download does not include the liner notes. Oz sent me a copy when I emailed him, but now he has posted the liner notes on his blog, along with further background material.

The first two graphs of the liner notes kind of give the idea:

All Around The World is an audio document of sacred spaces with their acoustic and consciousness altering properties.  It is the creation of new ambient environments, new realities, through audio collage, juxtaposition and cut-up techniques.  

All recordings were done on location in various sites including  The King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza, Notre Dame Cathedral, Mount St. Thomas and the Theosophical Society World Headquarters in Madras, India, the Australian Outback, Inner Mongolia, West Africa, Tashkent, The City of the Dead in Cairo, a Buddhist temple in Tokyo, the subways of Paris and Brooklyn and more. 

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