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Friday, May 25, 2012

Haiku, and Timothy Leary

A couple of recent haiku from Pipzi Williams (@lordfanny1723 on Twitter)

my haiku are not
about the world -- only my
own nervous system


looking through these eyes
being in just this moment
not any other


William Gibson remembering Timothy Leary:

"We’d bump into one another on the VR rubber chicken circuit. Barcelona, Linz, Venice… He was really great to have at your table. Kept the evening in flux. And people would come up to him and give him drugs, which he’d give to someone else, usually a perfect stranger, as soon as the gifter was gone. He said that this was a win-win proposition, as the first person could now say that he’d given drugs to Timothy Leary, and the second person that Timothy Leary had given him drugs. I never saw him look to see what was in the envelope."

Hat tip, Jesse Walker. More here.

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Eric Wagner said...

Thanks for the Gibson anecdote. Leary sure loved Gibson's writing. I remember taking Bob Wilson to the Phoenix airport in 1988. He had Gibson's
Neuromancer with him to take on the plane. I remember wanted to talk with him about the ending after he finished the book, but I don't think I ever did.