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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

No Governor, Issues 6 and 7

I have just posted issues No. 6 and 7 (one file) of No Governor, Robert Shea's anarchist zine. These are probably my favorite issues so far, even though neither issue has a contribution from Robert Anton Wilson. The issues have less material from outside contributors than earlier issues of No Governor, but they have more articles by Robert Shea himself, and I love his stuff. The issues provide a good look at the ILLUMINATUS! co-author and were done when Shea was working on All Things Are Lights, a Shea novel that I love. To download the issues, see the "No Governor" link under "Feature Articles and Interivews" on the right side of the page.


michael said...

This is sheer GOLD, Jackson!

I plan to perform exegetically on both ishs. Shea indeed seems to me a fascinating mind in his own right/write, often being overshadowed by his Luminous best friend.

Unknown said...

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