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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Matt Chamberlain, a drummer with a long list of credits, has a new project called Company 23, which has just released an album that has songs with titles such as "8 Circuit Model," and "FNORD."

Confusingly, the link cited above appears to show two lists of song titles. But my informant, J.F. Smith, downloaded it and reports that he received the tracks with the RAW-friendly titles. (I couldn't find the album on iTunes or Amazon the other day, so I guess it's not widely distributed yet.)

How did it sound? "Good, not great. Not what I expected, though Matt didn't disappoint." Smith reports.

Follow Smith on Twitter as @jfsmith23.

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Oz Fritz said...

This is very interesting! I worked with Matt recently and didn't know he was a RAW intelligentsia. One of the best session drummers in the biz for my money, and a very nice guy! He showed up in the coolest Hendrix shirt two days after my Greatest Guitarists of All Time post, and I wondered, does this guy read my blog? He never let on, like a true guerrilla ontologist.