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Sunday, May 20, 2012

'Masks of the Illuminati' a 'gateway' book

Some  months ago, I suggested The Earth Will Shake as a "gateway" book for readers who prefer conventional fiction and would like to try Robert Anton Wilson's writing.

Some of you held out for Masks of the Illuminati, and it appears that the author of Josephine's Reader's Advisory would agree. "I’ve always found Masks of the Illuminati to be Wilson’s most approachable book; I’ve made several attempts at the Illuminatus (written with Robert Shea) and Schrodinger’s Cat (written alone) trilogies but never gotten more than a few pages in before losing track of the plotline and wandering off to something more straightforward."

I haven't read Masks in years but I plan to re-read it later this year. I'll note that it's available as an electronic book as well as in print editions.

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Josephine said...

(waves hello) Thanks for the pingback; I was wondering why there was an upsurge of interest in the entry. Now I'll have to try The Earth Will Shake.