Monday, May 7, 2012

Shea in the Libertarian Futurist Society

I've noted that the Libertarian Futurist Society's Prometheus Hall of Fame Award was the only literary award (that I know of) won by ILLUMINATUS! I've also mentioned that I'm a member of the group, and I ran Robert Shea's acceptance speech when ILLUMINATUS! won (in 1986).

But I did not realize until the other day that Shea himself was a member of the LFS. I found out when I read issues 6-7 of Shea's fanzine, "No Governor."

In Issue No. 6, Neal Wilgus "put in a plug" for the LFS in a letter to the zine and asked, "By the way, Bob -- are you still a member of the LFS?"

Shea replied, "Of course I'm a member of the Libertarian Futurists as I have been since its beginning, and I was delighted with their three selections for 1984 -- Bradbury, Orwell and Schulman."

Shea's endorsement came before he himself won. I've seen no signs so far that RAW was a member of the LFS.

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