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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oz Fritz, mixing magick and music

Oz Fritz often seems to straddle the boundary between magick and music. His interesting post on drummer Ginger Baker (from Cream, Blind Faith) etc. includes a section on a jazz/rock/African album called The Map is Not the Territory (!) by a band named Temporary Autonomous Zone (!!). It's a rather obscure album -- I could not find a listing for it on -- but Oz helpfully includes the first track from the album (called "Invoke") and links to another blog which lists the musicians.

I did succeed in finding a long list of Oz Fritz's credits on Allmusic (everyone from Laurie Anderson to the Ramones to Iggy Pop, and various other artists I'm not hip enough to recognize.)

Here is information about Oz Fritz's album, "All Around the World," which describes as a "cross between imaginary travelogue and meditation tool." $8 as an MP3 download from, where I just bought my copy.

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Oz Fritz said...

WOW! Thanks, Tom!! Much appreciated.