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Monday, May 14, 2012

A bit of equal time

Here's a bit of equal time, I guess. Andrew Crawshaw wrote me (HomingBohm in the comments on this blog) to call my attention to a critique of Robert Anton Wilson written by someone named Charles Carreon. Andrew comments, "it struck me as quite an ironic critique of one of RAW's pieces. Enjoy reading it; it's funny - sometimes intentionally, sometimes not so."

Well, I did try to read it, but I couldn't get though it. Carreon says that Wilson's works regularly disappoint because of his "their lack of engaging characters and threadbare plots," using a link supplied by the copyright thieves at his host site to indicate that he's referring to "ILLUMINATUS!" That's fine; no one writer or particular literary work is for everyone. Mr. Carreon's post apparently is not for me.


BrentQ said...

This is obviously the work of a government disinformation agent.

Anonymous said...

Re-reading that sentence of mine, i think i misused the word ironic, anyway.. When I first read that Article of his I was really unsure as to his intent, and he even goes as far seeing some kind of animosity in RAWS writing, which I have never picked up on, and which I doubt is actually there.

Thanks for Linking to my blog anyway, much appreciated.

SammyAce23 said...

I remember reading an interview with Mr.Wilson where he touches on his disapproval of petty critics who attack just to attack, thats what this gobbledygook reminded me of. Hail eris!

Jason said...

I don't know, I thought this bit was pretty spot-on:

"SQUEEZE: The reader is a little stupid."